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We foster kind, caring and loving relationships throughout our work

Ecologia Youth Trust is a Scotland-based charity, established in 1995. To date, we have helped transform the lives of over 56,000 children, young people and families affected by poverty, inequality, disease and climate change.


For all people and their needs according to their human rights.


Supporting and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, with particular attention on the barriers faced by women and girls.


We are committed to safeguarding all the people we work with from harm, including all forms of exploitation, abuse and harassment.


Empowering children, young people, our partners and our staff to transform their lives and reach their full potential.


We work in true partnership with each other, our supporters and the people in the communities in which we work.

Promoting environmental sustainability and building stronger communities for current and future generations.
We are committed to openness, transparency, reflective learning and accountability with our partners, supporters and donors.

We build and earn the trust of our staff, partners, supporters and volunteers by working with the principles of integrity, fairness, openness, accountability, and partnership in all that we do.

What Makes Us Different?

Our approach places a respect for the difference and diversity of individuals, communities, cultures and societies at the heart of our work.

We are driven by a vision of a world where all young people can thrive within their communities. We believe the only way to achieve this in a sustainable way, is to enable disadvantaged children and young people to realise their potential and to take an active role in promoting sustainable living all over the world so that they can improve their lives in the long-term. Young people are the most affected by the challenges facing societies around the world.

Yet they are also the best placed to find solutions to the most urgent issues affecting them. Together with our partners, we help young people to gain access to the things they need in order to fulfil their potential and become agents of change in their communities.

Our Commitment to Working with Partners

Ecologia fosters long-term relationships with our partners because we believe real change takes time and dedication.

Through our unique place at the heart of the Findhorn Community, we are privileged to be able to connect with organisations and individuals from all over the world who share our values: respect for all forms of life; respect for each other; non-violence, peaceful conflict resolution and a sense of service to make the world a better place. It is these values and a concern for the future of our children and our environment that is the link between our project partners.

We engage with partners who share our commitment to improving the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in a sustainable way.

Investing in Love, Hope, & a Sense of Belonging

At Ecologia Youth Trust, we believe that young people are our future.

We also believe that the best investment you can make is in a child’s future. By showing a vulnerable child that they are not alone in this world, by giving them love, hope and a sense of belonging, we can transform their lives for the better and build strong, sustainable communities.

Young people need support to become catalysts for change. The projects we support empower disadvantaged children and young people to become leaders in transforming their communities to more sustainable patterns of living leading to happier, healthier and more meaningful lives for all young people around the world.

Ecologia is committed to giving brighter futures to disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people around the world. And you play an important role in this mission.

With your support, we can change the future and give young people around the world the chance to make a better life for themselves and inspire change in their communities.

a world where every young person thrives

We support children and young people to shape their futures and grow stronger sustainable communities. With a holistic approach, we work alongside partners to give community and family support, quality education and the means to regenerate their environment for immediate and long-term security.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the passionate individuals who spearhead our work

Ellen Shaw

Ellen Shaw

Marketing & Comms Manager

Liza Hollingshead

Liza Hollingshead

Director & Founder

Susie Kemp

Susie Kemp

Marketing Officer


Liz Egan joined the team in 2012, and worked as Ecologia’s book-keeper and was responsible for the charity’s accounts, bank reconciliations, payroll and statutory returns. She is currently the charity’s Company Secretary.





Catherine Brislee has a M.A. Classical Studies, has worked as a bookkeeper and accountant for a number of charities over the past thirty years, and is the Accounts Manager for the Findhorn Foundation.





Clive Kitson has a lifetime engagement and love of Education. He has a background in teaching, Curriculum development in Schools, and the Inservice Education of teachers. He was a faculty member and manager of Education for the Findhorn Foundation Charitable Trust. He has also served as a Trustee of this charity and Director of the Findhorn Foundation College. He brings his care, understanding and experience to the work of Ecologia.



Anne Skene has enjoyed a full career as a teacher and manager of provision for children with Additional Support Needs. For 18 years she has run her own education business which provides consultancy, instruction and teacher training both in Scotland and internationally. With a long history of involvement and holding office in a variety of community groups and is an experienced board member, she has recently been a Moray Councillor for the Forres Ward with responsibility for chairing the Children and Young People’s Services Committee. Anne is presently Chair of the Findhorn and Kinloss Community Council. She is very involved with building and developing a school centre in western Kenya. MA, MEd, PGCE, Dip SEN.

Liza Hollingshead has a BA English UCT South Africa and has worked with young people all her life. As a member of the Findhorn Foundation from 1974 to 1980, she founded and guided the Findhorn Youth Project and was mentor to several generations of young people growing up in the community. She founded Ecologia Youth Trust in 1995 and leads the charity as Executive Director.

Cornelia Funke is a multi-award winning author of over 40 best-selling children’s books, including the Inkheart trilogy, and more recently the young adult novels in the ‘Reckless’ series including Reckless and Fearless.
  • Beverley A’Court is a qualified, registered Art Therapist and Trainer with 35 years experience. Beverley has supported Ecologia for many years and regularly visits our Kitezh and Orion communities to facilitate art therapy sessions and conduct training.
  • David Dean OBE advises Ecologia in Therapeutic Education
  • Emma Crewe is Ecologia’s International Development Advisor

Their Help Makes a Difference

We are extremely grateful to all our supporters including the individual donors, Corporate partners and Trusts and Foundations whose commitment to our work enables us to help disadvantaged children fulfil their potential.

Our gratitude to the Trusts who support us:

Red Mountain Energy Corporation and Premium Engineering
The Allen & Nesta Ferguson Trust
The Angela Gallagher Memorial Fund
The Baring Foundation
The Brillig Charitable Trust
The Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust
The Ceniarth Foundation
The Chrysalis Trust
The Clara E. Burgess Charity
The Dick Foundation
The Dorfred Charitable Trust
The Douglas Heath Eves Trust
The Evan Cornish Foundation
The Foxglove Charity
The Funding Network
The Gilchrist Educational Trust
The Hedley Foundation
The Highland Cottage Trust
The Hilden Charitable Fund
The Hugh Fraser Foundation
The Hygeia Foundation, USA
The Ida Pekar Orphan Fund, USA
The Madeline Mabey Trust
The Marr-Munning Trust
The Network for Social Change
The Paget Trust
The Peter Vardy Foundation
The Ryklow Charitable Trust
The Souter Charitable Trust
The Stafford Trust
The Tides Foundation
The W A Smith Charity
The William A Cadbury Trust
The Williams Serendipity Trust
The Wogen Anniversary Trust

And our sincere thanks to the many individual donors who give so generously.

Annual Accounts

Find out more about the impact of our work on the lives of the young people we support and their communities through our publications listed below.

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susie Kemp

Susie has 30+ experience as a creative copywriter, editor, and proofreader, starting out as a 20-year-old copywriter in the Mad Men world of early 1990s advertising in South Africa. Ever since, she’s had a love affair with creative conceptualisation, thinking outside of the box, writing to a deadline, and being thrown in the deep end!

She took an MSc in Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University as a mature student, in 2015, and continues to keep herself busy working as a copy-editor, proofreader and copywriter in book publishing, corporate communications, and publishing project management.

Apart from her love of working with independent authors, Susie has a fondness for working in the third sector and likes to use her corporate communications and marketing experience to support projects close to her heart. She has lived and worked in the Findhorn area for 25 years, and has been involved in a number of third sector projects and organisations, and family businesses.

Working at Ecologia Youth Trust helps Susie to live in integrity with her values of supporting the next generation to be the best that they can be, and she sees it as a way to give back to Mama Africa, the beloved continent on which she was born.

Ellen Shaw

Ellen joined the Ecologia team in June 2018 as Marketing and Communications Manager. Ellen has lived in Scotland for 6 years and has worked for non-profit and charitable organisations across varied fields. She currently shares her passion for helping young people through Ecologia Youth Trust and she works as a dancer and dance teacher in her spare time.

Robyn Cooper

Robyn is the Associate Director of International Projects, having previously worked within the team as a Project Development and Marketing Officer from April 2019 until May 2021. As Associate Director, Robyn is co-leading the International side of Ecologia with Founder and Director, Liza Hollingshead, bringing a new energy into Ecologia as they look towards the future of the charity.

Liza Hollingshead

Liza is the founder of Ecologia and Director of International Projects. She was born and educated in South Africa and worked there as a high school teacher. She moved to live in the Findhorn Community in 1974. She started Ecologia in 1995 after being introduced to Dmitry Morozov, the founder of Kitezh Children’s Community in Russia, and was inspired to support the community in its mission to rescue orphaned children from institutions and give them homes, families and education in a supportive environment.

This led to projects supporting disadvantaged youth and children in South East Asia and in East Africa. TRead more about Liza’s story here.