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Uganda – Sky Is The Limit Children’s Centre

Since 2014, we have worked closely with Sky Is the Limit Centre to give 400 vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Fort Portal, Uganda the best opportunities possible.

About SITL

We have been working closely with our partner, Sky Is The Limit Children’s Centre, since 2014 to give vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Fort Portal, Uganda the best opportunities possible.

With the Sky Is The Limit Primary School and Nursery, we support 397 children aged 3-14 years old. There are three students with special educational needs: one is deaf/dumb while the other two have learning difficulties. The school offers places to children in and around Fort Portal, whose parents are too poor to pay the school fees expected at other educational institutions. Rose Mugenyi, Founder of Sky Is The Limit believed that all children deserve a good quality education in order to create happy, healthy and meaningful lives – a belief that continues to be upheld by the staff of Sky Is The Limit today. Children are supported through their education through sponsorships paid by our generous donors. In fact, some of our donors continue to support the children from Sky Is The Limit up until they have completed University.

At Sky Is The Limit School, the children’s wellbeing always comes first as they are encouraged to reach for the stars. We run a school meals programme, where children are given a nutritious hot lunch and porridge every day as a means of overcoming the severe levels of malnutrition within the communities. This sets the children up to have enough energy to learn and play, while also contributing positively to their physical development as children.

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What We Are Doing

Together with Sky Is The Limit, we support the disadvantaged children and young people of Fort Portal, Uganda in many ways.

Community Development

Offering vocational and life skills to children and young people at the Sky is The Limit 8-acre Farm and the Tailor Shop.

  • Developing the 8-acre Farm using permaculture to sustainably provide food for Sky Is The Limit while reducing the impact on the ecosystem – working with nature for efficient farming to improve and support the local ecosystem.
  • Our Fruit of Sky Project aims to directly support 300 young people over 3 years by:
    • Supporting young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses that will contribute to the local economy and provide job opportunities with a low- interest new business loan.
    • Running a ‘Boda Boda’ motorcycle taxi and repairs shop to provide a fast, affordable transport service for local communities, job opportunities for young people, the opportunity to train mechanic skills.
    • Offering a stationary shop and ICT centre as a community resource for those in education or looking for work, schools and institutions seeking printing services, and members of public looking to learn new skills in ICT in courses run by the staff.

What We Have Achieved

Since 2014, we have funded over 510,600 school meals to children at Sky Is The Limit School which improves their ability to concentrate and provides them with the vital nutrition they need for healthy development. Provided sources of clean and free water to children by building two wells – one at Noah’s Ark and one at the school. Continued to provide educational materials such as textbooks, desks, chairs and lesson materials for the school.

Our Child Sponsorship programme supports bright youngsters to through Primary school and continue on to Secondary School and Higher Education. Since 2014, we have supported 116 children to complete Primary education and move onto to Secondary and Higher education.

We have sourced funding for fruit trees and livestock for the 8-acre farm, as well as sewing machines and materials for the tailor shop.

In 2018

We built a new kitchen and dining hall to serve as a community space for functions and give the children a place to enjoy their lunches while being protected from the elements.

In 2019

In partnership with My Book Buddy, we brought books in abundance to the school – enough for each of the 7 classrooms to have their own fully stocked bookcase.

We built a brick 3-Classroom block to replace the wooden classrooms that were eaten by termites, with thanks to the Toy Trust.

In 2020 And 2021

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have provided emergency funding to:

Support the wages of 22 teachers at the school for 9 months while the school was closed due to lockdowns.

Built handwashing stations outside each classroom.

Support additional provisions of soap, medications and food/hygiene supplies.

In 2022

We provided 39,891 school meals for 400 children for the whole school year to keep them healthy, engaged in their school work and able to play spots with their friends. 

Case studies

A thank you message from Sky Is The Limit’s Founder, Rose Mugenyi, who sadly passed away in December 2021.

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This led to projects supporting disadvantaged youth and children in South East Asia and in East Africa. TRead more about Liza’s story here.