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Thailand – Human Rights For Burmese Migrants

Migrant workers from Burma (Myanmar) have been flocking to Thailand to escape civil unrest and harsh economic conditions for many years.


After the tsunami in 2004 it became clear to our partners SNF that the migrant workers working in the Andaman coast provinces particularly Phang Nga and Ranong were last in line for support and the conditions they lived in were harsh.  It is difficult for migrant workers and their families from Burma to access their human rights, both socially and economically. In many ways, these workers are some of the most disadvantaged of the marginalized people in Thai society.

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What We Did

Promoting Human Rights, Good Governance And Mutual Accountability

Ecologia works with Thai NGO Sathirakoses-Nagapradeepa Foundation (SNF), funded by the Big Lottery Fund, to promote the human and workers rights of Burmese Migrants in Southern Thailand by:

  • Building relationships between migrant workers from Burma, local officials, employers and the Thai community through human rights trainings and awareness raising.
  • Launching migrant worker community based organisations, providing leadership training for community leaders and undertaking active peace building events to strengthen ties between communities.
  • Multi-levelled networking and establishing pilot legal clinics to support the migrant workers access their rights and entitlemen.
    Read an article by Jane Rasbash, Thai Projects Consultant, on the impact of this far reaching project.

What We Have Achieved

We worked with SNF to restore livelihoods and empower devastated communities of 50,000 traumatised and marginalised migrant workers and their families after the tsunami in our first 3-year project, funded by the Big Lottery.

Read the comprehensive report “Migrant Workers are Human too” for more information.

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She took an MSc in Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University as a mature student, in 2015, and continues to keep herself busy working as a copy-editor, proofreader and copywriter in book publishing, corporate communications, and publishing project management.

Apart from her love of working with independent authors, Susie has a fondness for working in the third sector and likes to use her corporate communications and marketing experience to support projects close to her heart. She has lived and worked in the Findhorn area for 25 years, and has been involved in a number of third sector projects and organisations, and family businesses.

Working at Ecologia Youth Trust helps Susie to live in integrity with her values of supporting the next generation to be the best that they can be, and she sees it as a way to give back to Mama Africa, the beloved continent on which she was born.

Ellen Shaw

Ellen joined the Ecologia team in June 2018 as Marketing and Communications Manager. Ellen has lived in Scotland for 6 years and has worked for non-profit and charitable organisations across varied fields. She currently shares her passion for helping young people through Ecologia Youth Trust and she works as a dancer and dance teacher in her spare time.

Robyn Cooper

Robyn is the Associate Director of International Projects, having previously worked within the team as a Project Development and Marketing Officer from April 2019 until May 2021. As Associate Director, Robyn is co-leading the International side of Ecologia with Founder and Director, Liza Hollingshead, bringing a new energy into Ecologia as they look towards the future of the charity.

Liza Hollingshead

Liza is the founder of Ecologia and Director of International Projects. She was born and educated in South Africa and worked there as a high school teacher. She moved to live in the Findhorn Community in 1974. She started Ecologia in 1995 after being introduced to Dmitry Morozov, the founder of Kitezh Children’s Community in Russia, and was inspired to support the community in its mission to rescue orphaned children from institutions and give them homes, families and education in a supportive environment.

This led to projects supporting disadvantaged youth and children in South East Asia and in East Africa. TRead more about Liza’s story here.